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The Global Air Card

JetBox offers a competitive alternative to buying and operating your own Jet: The Global Air Card. Without expensive cost as for instance Crew, Maintenance and Insurance.

The JetBox experts analyse your needs, you buy a certain amount of hours (25 hours minimum) on a specific type of Jet.

Choose from the follwoing two options:

Global Air Card® Corporate 

You often fly to the same destination with the same number of passengers. Then you can always fly with the same type of aircraft with your Corporate Card. In case the booked type of aircraft is not available, we provide you with an upgrade free of charge.

Global Air Card® Open

You often fly to different destinations with different numbers of passengers. With the Open Card, we will always provide you with the type of aircraft you need.

The advatanges of the Global Air Card®: 

  • Guaranteed Prices
  • No charges for Positioning Flights, only live Sectors will be charged
  • Comprehensive and transparent overwiev, no hidden cost
  • Availability anytime and worldwide
  • Upgrade free of charge in case the confirmed type of aircraft is not available
  • JetBox coordinates and monitors your flights 24 hours per day
  • Personal JetBox Project Manager


The Global Air Card

Private Jet Singapur – Siam Reap – Phuket

  • Client: French Company
  • Participants: 35 Guests
  • Flight Solution: Private Jet with VIP-Configuration
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Optimize your budget with the Global Air Card Corporate or Open!

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